Friday, July 22, 2005

Things Change and Life Forces You To Change With Them...
Over the past 2 months, alot of changes have occured and everything seemed like it was just falling apart. It's taken me until this past week to realize that my past does not really affect my future and that I have the ability to control what I choose to do and who I choose to be.
I finally have my living arrangements worked out....I pay 400 dollars a month to rent out the basement of a co-workers house. The payment includes all my utilities and all I have to pay on top of that is my car payment, insurance, and phone bill. I miss the simplicity of living at home with parents and not having alot of bills and I miss the Mustang, but I do prefer this new arrangment and I'm happy and I'm finally settled in. All my stuff is unpacked and thrown throughout the room and I'm to lazy to clean it up until a lady friend comes over and then it's a rush to throw all the crap in the closet.

Scopetech & Revision3
I have officially resigned from being a moderator at It's not something I wanted to do, but it's something I had to do because I just didn't have the time to be the moderator that I felt that I should be. I'll still be around the forum posting once and a while and once the revision3 forums are built up more, I'll post on there also, but just not 30-40 posts a day ;)
Alex and myself are trying to the get site switched to a new server and get the site back up and running at full force so we can get people onto our own site which we can more easily maintain on our own schedules.

Enough rambling on...
I'll get back to posting on the blog now... not more of these emo style posts, but back to what I want to do; tech related news, help, tips, etc :)


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